All Phase K9 Training Center is a year round indoor/outdoor professional training facility that offers an individualized approach in training both family pets and working dogs. We have many different methods of training all types of temperaments and behaviors for dogs of all ages. We believe that a well trained dog leads to a full and happy relationship between you and your dog.

Laurel Strotter (Warren) has trained dogs for over 25 years. Her expertise ranges from companion dog training to AKC show handling, obedience competition, Schutzhund training and competition as well as scent detection. Her unique training perspectives and strong credentials provide her clients with a most valuable dog training resource.

As an active member of Blue and Gray Search and Rescue Dogs, Laurel has trained multiple dogs to operational status including Wilderness Air Scent and Human Remains Detection (HRD) dogs.


  • 2 week stay
  • 3 private lessons
  • $980
Most Popular


  • 2 week stay
  • 3 private lessons
  • incorporates e-collar
  • $980 + training collar purchase


  • 4 week stay
  • 3 private lessons
  • incorporates e-collar
  • $1,950 + training collar purchase


At All Phase K9 we offer boarding in a unique, low stress and comfortable environment including Kuranda beds and Blue Buffalo pet food.

Our goal is to treat you and your loved one exactly the way we would like to be treated. When you leave your pets with All Phase K9 you are leaving them with FAMILY.

Basic Boarding Rates

  • Dogs under 25 lbs: $20 per night
  • Dogs 25 lbs. to 80 lbs: $22 per night
  • Dogs 80 lbs. and over: $24 per night
  • Cats: $15 per night

Other Boarding Rates

  • Mini Suite: $30 per night
  • Cage boarding with hand walk: $32 per night
  • Administering medications: $2 per night
  • Intact animal: $27 per night

Tips for Happy Boarding

Make sure you have an updated vaccine history for your dog. Required innoculations are:

  • 7 way booster including distemper
  • Rabies
  • Bordetella

Limit your dog’s personal items to two items and label all item’s with the K9’s name.

Please do not bring beds. You may however bring small blankets.

Scheduling a bath makes for a happier pickup. Nothing beats fresh hugs and kisses!

Please leave a phone number (or email if you’re going out of country) where we can contact you with any questions we may have.


At All Phase K9 you don’t have to schedule 6 weeks out for a grooming appointment, we can usually accommodate you & your pet within 1 week. Call 540-433-1964.

We use only the finest and most natural products including those from Espree to ensure your dog receives the best grooming experience possible.


Short Hair: $25-35
Medium Hair: $30-40
Long Hair: $45 and up (charge for sized and heavily matted dogs)

Hair Cuts

35 lbs and under: $50
Over 35 lbs: $70

Nail Trim